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More Videos of the House Sparrows in My House

Feeding Baby Sparrows

These three babies were brought into the animal hospital cold and hungry.  One had severe subcutaneous emphysema from their fall.  They were aggressive eaters and the injured one did well with frequent aspiration of the air building up under his skin.  Once he was stable, they were transferred to the wildlife center to be raised for release.  

Girlitas Chattering on my Shoulder

These two can be very wild and chattery, especially in the spring.  They are happy birds and they are tightly bonded.  

Sleeping Baby Sparrows

After their meal, these three took a sound sleep to recharge for their next meal.  They were typical house sparrow nestlings in that even the injured one was grabbing food from the syringe.  

Baby Bird's Little Yellow Bowl

This is Baby Birdie's little yellow bathing bowl.  She used to fly to the sink when she wanted a bath.  And when I held up the bowl, she would fly over for her bath.   In this video she is already older, has no tail, but still enjoys taking her bath. She has crooked legs which is why she is rather clumsy in her movements.  

Sunny Flying out of the Blinds

Once it gets dark out, Sunny roosts on the window sill of the window in her room.  She probably started doing this because when it was dark out, she could see her reflection in the window which she thought was another bird.  She flies in and out of the blinds fast and furiously with great precision.  

Baby Bird Eating Humus and Pita

Baby Bird loves sharing meals.  Some of her favorites over the years have been bagels and cream cheese, special K with milk, corn bread, pizza, and humus with pita bread.  

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