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​Our Story


House Sparrows in My House was founded by a tiny featherless house sparrow found baking on a sidewalk on July 3, 2003.  She was brought into an animal hospital where she began her long life as a house sparrow in my house.  
She was about 4 days old, had a severely infected bulging right eye, and crooked mangled legs. My original plan was to get into rehab and release, but as it turned out, my first rescue bird was a non-releasable House Sparrow.  

Despite all of her health issues, she ate like a champ, grew stronger, grew feathers, and became a very special member of our family.  She eventually lost her eye, but was still able to fly around the living room, perch, and see perfectly well enough to grab just about any item of food she desired.  
Not knowing anything about birds, I found a local wildlife rehabilitator who gave me a great headstart into feeding and baby bird care.   I also went to the internet and found a yahoo chat group called  There I found a large number of sparrow-crazy folks to guide me through Baby Bird's babyhood and beyond.  The group is still active.  We share sparrow stories and experiences, advise new sparrow people on diet and care of sparrows they have found, and help many injured and orphaned sparrows that are releasable, return to the wild.  

To keep up with the times, my birds also have a facebook page, House Sparrows in My House.  It serves a similar purpose to the yahoo group.  

Baby Birdie has had a full life of  actiity, buffets, travel, and love.  This website is for her and all of her sparrow friends that live and have lived in my house and other houses around the world. 

Click on a bird's name to see their picture and story.  

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