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Videos of the House Sparrows in My House

It's rare for my birds to perform for visitors.  So here is a sampling of what they do when they are relaxed and doing their thing.  

Sunny "Going In" 

In the evening, Sunny sleeps in her cage for safety reasons.  She hasn't always been a willing participant in the nighttime ritual of going into her cage, but for a meal worm, she will do just about anything.  

Willie Getting His Hand Hugs

Willie is a little blind bird.  He is very sweet and calm and loves to be petted, massaged, and hugged as long as his feet are planted on a perch.  I'm slowling working with him on being held, but for now, he is very happy with his hand hugs.  

Baby Bird in My Hand

Baby Bird's favorite spot in the whole world is my hand.  She sits in my hand to eat her cereal at night, take a nap after eating, and just to be with her favorite person, me.  

Girlitas being Hand Fed

Even though they are middle aged adults, Betty and Stevie still enjoy being hand fed.  Continuing to hand feed birds after weaning keeps the birds bonded and engaged.  

Betty and Stevie Chattering

Betty and Stevie love to chatter, especially in the spring.  They are a bonded pair and take every opportunity to include me in their flock fun.  


Sunny Book Bathing

Sunny does enjoy water baths but she is very creative and very attached to her Charle's Darwin book which she "bathes" on regularly.  

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